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The super light welding helmet

When lightweight is your most important welding helmet feature, meet the 3M™ Speedglas™ SL (super light).

Speedglas SL HelmetDid you know that some lightweight welding helmets can actually absorb moisture and become heavier over timer? We have strived to avoid that problem by using strong, non-absorbent materials and the first helmet using this was the 3M™ Speedglas™ Super Light Welding Helmet SL. Welders had asked for two things in personal protection: lighter weight and more comfort. Our challenges in this helmet design were to significantly reduce its weight, while maintaining the performance and protection that welders worldwide had come to expect in every Speedglas product. The result of our efforts: a 370 gram auto-darkening welding helmet (25% lighter than any other Speedglas model).

Bilden är upphovsrättsskyddad enligt lagen

Light in weight, strong in performance.
A slim and narrow helmet design, with an accompanying lightweight auto-darkening filter that’s suitable for most arc welding processes.

Great for fast tasks.
Designed specifically for quick welding tasks, a motion sensor automatically turns ON the welding filter when you pick up the helmet.

Easy tightening.
The head suspension features a smooth ratchet for easy tightening – even while wearing gloves.

Extend your protection169001_withSL_up164005_with SL
There are some accessories available for additional coverage, made in flame-retardant textiles for protection against molten metal, sparks and flames.

As the outer protection plate becomes deeply pitted, scratched or too dirty to clean with soft cloth, it’s probably time to replace it.

There are two types of outer protection plates for Speedglas SL helmet you can select from:

Standard – Part No 726000 (USA:05-0250-00)
Extra scratch resistant – Part No 727000 (USA 05-0250-51)

Watch this video how easy they are replaced!

Getting too close to your arc?

Start with the easiest solution first: replace your filter’s outer protection plate more frequently!
If you still can’t see the detail you need, try one of our magnifying lenses. They come in x1.5 – x3.0 strengths.
When combined to the Speedglas SL helmet you need to add a pair of holders for the magnififying lens:
Part No 171031 (USA: 05-0680-00)

Magnifying lens 1.5 – Part No 171021 (USA: 06-0500-56).
Magnifying lens 2.0 – Part No 171022 (USA: 06-0500-57).
Magnifying lens 2.5 – Part No 171023 (USA: 06-0500-58).
Magnifying lens 3.0 – Part No 171024 (USA: 06-0500-59).

Still haven’t tried it?
Ordering information for a complete 3M™ Speedglas™  Welding Helmet SL, variable shade 8-12:
Part No 701120 (USA:05-0013-41)

For more details check your local 3M welding safety website from






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