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Reduction of exposure level and potential hazards

All welding fumes contains gas and/or particles. To reduce fume exposure levels within your facility there are a few general steps you
can follow:

  1. Can the work process be modified to reduce contaminants?
  2. Can you use a welding technique that makes less fume?
  3. Ventilation and other engineering controls should be used.
  4. When step 1-3 are not feasible, or when they are not able to reduce the welders exposure below permissable levels, personal respiratory protection should be implemented.

 Fume reduction at your workplace

General workplace ventilation 
Well designed general ventilation will remove welding fumes that where not immediatelly captured at the workstation and exchange them with fresh-air.

Local fume extractors
On-gun and local fume extractors remove much, bot not all, of the welding fumes right at the source, thereby reducing their spread to other areas.

Personal respiratory equipment
For best protection and comfort 3M recommend use of personal respiratory protection, either alone or as a complement to the other solutions.

Selecting and specifying the appropriate respiratory protective equipment may appear daunting with so many factors to consider and so many options to choose from. At 3M we believe that education is key to protection. We provide a vast array of training, suited to different businesses and individual needs.

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Inspired by your reality

More than 35 years ago, we went to the shipyards of Sweden to study welders working conditions. We found skilled craftsmen blindly striking arcs as they continually nodded their shields down.

From that point on, we committed ourselves to developing tools that would forever improve the world of the welder. Your thoughts and opinions are the bottom line in our continuous search for innovation. Please feel free to address any questions or comments you might have.

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