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September 13, 2018 0 Comments

Dutch welding participant of EuroSkills

Earlier this year, Martin Breemer (3M Application Engineer Abrasives) and Femke Rijpma (Application Engineer 3M Speedglas), visited with Hugo Rijsman, the Dutch participant in the welding contest EuroSkills. Learn more about his preparation for the European final.


Femke Rijpma, Application Engineer 3M Speedglas with Hugo Rijsman – ready for Euroskills 2018.

EuroSkills is the European Championship of young professionals, a spectacular promotion of skills and latest skills developments around Europe. European regional version of WorldSkills Competition, formerly known as ’’Skills Olympics”. Its held every two years in one of the WorldSkills Europe member states – 2018 in Budapest, Hungary September 26-28 .

Europe’s most talented young skilled professionals compete to be the best of the continent. Competitor age limit 25 years and each country may enter 1 competitor or team per trade.

As a preparation for the welding competition, Hugo Rijsman trains at his employer Luma Hengelo B.V. from Thursday to Saturday. Hugo enthusiastically tells us about his experience with the 3M abrasives: Cutting and grinding discs are used in different thicknesses. Cut & Grind discs for clean grinding of stacks. Hugo indicates that the discs grind the weld very nicely. The biggest advantage is that the discs last a very long time. Because the contest will all be about speed so, not having to change the discs will save Hugo a lot of time.

Previously Hugo used fiber discs for the removal of mill scale on hot-rolled steel. After a demonstration by Joost van der Hagen a few weeks ago, these have been replaced by purple 3M Clean & Strip. This works a bit faster, but above all it does not give any unsightly scratches. This works positively for the final assessment of the welding work.


Hugo Cubitron_1024px

Hugo is using 3M Radial Bristle brushes to put his beautiful welds in the spotlight.Hugo is using 3M Radial Bristle brushes to put his beautiful welds in the spotlight. The brush does not give scratches and leaves a beautiful surface. Experimentally Hugo found out that he can brush quite quickly after he has welded, even though the nylon brush will wear a little faster because of the hot metal. He still is amazed by the fact that the disc does not cause injury if it hits his hand.

Hugo was trained by Femke in the optimal use of the Speedglas welding helmet 9100 FX Air. Hugo maintains his helmet with great regularity. Every week he replaces the protective plates and he keeps a close eye on the hygiene of the sweatband and seals. He already knows well how he can take off and clean all spare parts. The use of the ADF is also under control. The operation of the buttons for the correct Shade, Sensitivity and Delay are clear and are used intensively. Hugo experiences the use of the helmet as pleasant. The helmet is slightly heavier than his previous one – because of the presence of the grinding shield and respiratory system – but he got used to that very quickly. The adjustment of the headband took some effort but it fits well now and needs not to be changed anymore.

We wish Hugo a lot of luck in the preparations and of course we wish him Sok szerencsét in Boedapest!
(good luck! in Hungarian). You can follow Hugo and the other participants in the Dutch team from link:

Hugo Speedglas en Cubitron_600px




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